Range Officer

-If you have experienced an RO going “above and beyond” in service to the public, the range, or with other RO’s, please let the XO know about it. The XO would like to acknowledge those who have excelled in service to others.
-If ANY person would like to leave feedback, make a suggestion on how the range can improve, file a complaint, or share a thought, please have them rope it in the top of the safe.

* Police CAN schedule the range during public shooting days. They CANNOT
use the main ranges, but will most likely use bays 1 A and 1B . When they
are shooting there, NOBODY is allowed north of the main range.

* NOBODY is allowed to park north of the flagpole except ON-DUTY RO’s.

* New signs will be replacing worn signs, if you have a suggestion about a
new sign, contact the TSO

* Send all safety related info to the TSO, incidents and suggestions for

Utah Alterations and Embroidery, Hill AFB BX – Base Exchange, 801-352-0224

Screen Pro, 3068 N. 750 E. Layton, 801-896-3896

Thread Factory Embroidery, 2042 Eastwood Blvd, Ogden, 801-564-3587

From Heart and Hand, 2018 Kingston Rd. Farmington, 801-451-6815

Hats should be dropped here and then picked up in the next day or so.

Required hours for 7/1/2015 – 6/30/2016

40 hours for a free membership
35 hours to maintain RO status
Up to 15 hours of match service can be used toward the above.  Match hours are under the discretion of the the match directors.

Prizes available for 7/1/2015 – 6/30/2016
Hours Served Prize
65h 0m Your keys, a free membership and $50
115h 0m Your keys, a free membership and $100
165h 0m Your keys, a free membership and $150.00
215h 0m Your keys, a free membership and $200