Become a Range Officer

Why do we have them?

The Wahsatch Shooters Association (WSA) Range operates on Davis County owned land.  Our Use Agreement with the County stipulates that we provide facilities and access to the general public for informal shooting, “plinking”, sighting-in rifles, etc.   It also requires that we are insured.   In order to meet insurance and safety requirements, WSA staffs the range with trained Range Officers (ROs).   At least one RO is required to be present and clearly identified whenever guns are handled at any of our 9 shooting bays, at any time, with the exception of scheduled Law Enforcement Officer training.  This includes all of the many competition events that we host.

What’s required?

1.) All WSA RO candidates must be WSA members and must go through a WSA training program, regardless of other training and certifications that they may have. The training program is designed by the WSA Education/Safety Officer and includes working with an on duty RO(s) for approximately 8 hours total before being appointed as an WSA RO by the Executive Committee.

2.) ROs help keep the Public Range operating by serving a required 40 hours per year at that Range during normal operating hours.  ROs can earn free WSA membership by serving at least 45 hours per year; 10 hours of which can come from running matches.  It is important that all ROs understand that Davis County allows this Range to operate because it gives County residents a place shoot, without having to join in formal competition.  That is why ROs are not allowed to serve only at matches.  ROs who do not fill the required time on the public range will lose their RO status.  If you are considering becoming an RO to serve your favorite match, we welcome you.  We like the matches, too.  You will also be serving your match by keeping the Range open, because without the Range, there wouldn’t be a match.  If you do not have the time for the Range, please do not proceed with RO training.  40 hours is all we ask.   It’s not that much.

What’s in it for me?

The main benefits of being an RO are virtually unlimited private shooting, the opportunity to earn free WSA membership, and the ability to help operate your favorite match.  ROs have gate keys, and are allowed to shoot anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., 6 days a week. An RO can use any bay at any time. An RO must be present when a bay is being used for shooting.

How do I get started?

Training to become a WSA RO is easy and simple. Trainees serve two 4-hour periods running the range with any on duty RO(s).  This can be done during any normal operating hours.  Just start early enough that there’s 4 hours left in the operational period.  There is no need to schedule in advance.  Training packets containing all the information and forms you’ll need are in the Clubhouse filing cabinet.

New trainees should obtain an RO training packet, which contains the WSA RO Handbook, a command card, the WSA Bylaws, Use Agreement, RO Training Checklist, and copies of range operation forms from the duty RO.  Training Packets are located in the file cabinet in the clubhouse.

Trainees must serve two four hour sessions with any on duty RO(s). This can be any four hour period that the range is open to the public. All ROs are authorized, and required, to conduct this training. During this training period, Trainees will receive instruction in the opening and closing of the range, sign-up procedures and Range operation. The trainee will work under the supervision of the RO. During training period, the RO and trainee will sign off on the appropriate training documentation.

Training should take no longer than three months to complete.  After completion, the trainee will attend the next scheduled Executive Committee meeting.  The meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 at the Kaysville Fire Station, 175 South Main Street, Kaysville, UT.

At the discretion of the Committee, the attending Trainee will receive Range keys, an RO hat, and be designated as a WSA Range Officer.

Contact the Training Safety Officer, Tom Woods for more info.

RO  Training Certification Form pdf & RO Manual can be downloaded below.