Thank you for being a member of WSA and choosing to become a part of our non-profit, all volunteer association.

We hope that you’ll continue to practice using your firearms in a safe environment for another year.  As you know, our Range Officers are there to keep you safe and provide courteous help when needed.

We are a 1000+ member organization dedicated to advocacy, preservation, and promotion of legal and safe gun ownership. This effort extends into debunking lies and myths about firearms.

When you partner with us, you’re helping to provide a safe and comfortable environment where people in our community can bring friends and families to experience shooting in a fun and exciting way.

Membership is good for one year from the date of purchase or your expiration date, whichever is latest.  The cost of membership is only $95 annually ($35 for seniors over 60). The membership includes you and those family members that live in your household.

You can use any of three ways to renew.
1.) Pay with credit card online – Please note: additional processing fee of $3.25 will apply ($1.50 for seniors)

2.) Pay with cash or check during your next visit to the range.  Just speak with a Range Offer when you arrive.

3.) Mail in an application form with a check.  Address and form are here

We hope that you will visit us again soon.  If you’re able, go ahead and bring all the members of your household with you. They’ll shoot at no extra charge with unlimited targets, just like you.

What you’ll need to bring to the Range

1.) A firearm to shoot. It may be any caliber, rifle or pistol. It may be a black powder, centerfire, or rimfire. It can be a single shot, semi-automatic or full automatic.
2.) Ammunition
3.) Ear protectors or ear plugs.
4.) Eye protection.(prescription glasses, sunglasses, goggles, etc.)
5.) A thorough understanding and willingness to practice safe firearm use and handling.
6.) Water and hat for hot, dry days.
7.) A friend! Hopefully someone who’s unsure or new concerning the use and purpose of firearms.

If you have further questions or concerns about our range, please check out the Contact Us page on this website.

With best regards and wishes of freedom,

Chuck Veillon
WSA Board Secretary

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