RO Newsletter May 2014


Public range

Great job in keeping the public range open.  We have not had to send one email requesting a range officer to fill a spot in a long while.  That being said, we could use another RO this Saturday, May 17th on the public range and there is a church group that could use an RO in the afternoon.

We have signed up seven new RO’s in the last three months so please welcome them and make sure to assist them in keeping the range running safely.

Range Computer

The computer needs be left on at all times. In case of a power bump, you should be able to reach the power buttons through the holes in the cabinet. I am going to place the username and password for the range computer on the bottom of the keyboard for signing in.

We recently discovered a virus on the computer. While it is not certain how this happened, please use the range computer for range purposes only in order to prevent infection from an outside source.  It takes time and resources to repair these issues that would be better served in other areas.


Sometimes I think we spend more time fixing staplers than making sure the range is operating safely. Rick brought up a couple more new staplers so we should be good for a while but let us know if you need more.

There are extra staples and earplugs in the gray desk under the sign-in window.  Please do not purchase and bring other staplers or staples to the range.  If a stapler is broken then set it aside on the desk and mark it.  Rick has a warranty program to get these fixed or replaced at no charge.

Keep it clean / Maintenance

This is an area that I think we do good for the most part. Remember that we do not have a janitor or a grounds keeping crew. With the snow melt, there is a winter’s worth of litter on the range that has appeared.  If you see a trash can overflowing then please empty it.  This includes the match and special groups!

There is a pile started near the range house for broken target stands. Please use this pile to discard any stands that you feel should be taken out of service or are in need of repair.

If you find something broken or needing repair, please contact Rick Siegel before repairing it.  This includes air compressors and snow blowers.  We have warranties on these items and can return them for repair or credit.

Target Safety

There are a couple three-legged target stands floating around the range. These have a metal base on the main upright with feet on the other two legs.


If you see someone shooting at the stand in this manner then please stop them.

The metal circle is NOT a target and this is what is starting to happen to them from being used as a target:

This is the base of the target stand. There is a hook at the top, opposite of the base, by which you can hang a steel target.  The steel target must be rated by the manufacturer to withstand the type of ammunition that you will be shooting and it must be placed at the distance that they recommend.

The plate racks on bay 4 are meant to be used with 22LR and standard velocity pistol ammo, no rifle or magnum pistol ammo is to be used on them.

The silhouette targets on bay 3 are to be shot with 22LR only, and the stands behind the berm are for this purpose only. If you are using bay 3, make sure that the silhouette stands are put behind the berm provided for them before beginning any shooting activity.

I am working with a target manufacturer that is going to donate some AR500 targets to the range for Range Officer use. These will be kept in the range house and can be checked out for you to use.  There will be a list of guidelines that need to be followed to keep from damaging them.  If these are not followed then they will go away.

Steel that has started to warp, chip, or has holes or pockmarks is dangerous and can cause ricochets. If you see this on the range then remove it to the back of the range house and let Rick or myself know so that it can be repaired.

Anyone caught misusing targets and stands on the range will be asked to leave. This is a serious issue and will not be tolerated.

New Website

The blog page that you are reading this on is located on the beta version of our new website.  Chuck Veillon and I are working to improve the look and feel as well as add some new features to make it easier for everyone.  Feel free to take a look around and give us some feedback.  Remember that this is a rough draft at the moment but the goal is to go live on Friday of this week and I will send out an email with details on how to use it.

Thank you for your service,

Kirk Bennett