RO Newsletter June 2014

Public Range

Up until this month you did a solid job of keeping the slots filled.  I am regularly seeing the emails going out requesting people to fill the voids and I know we have quite a few that need to get hours in.  June 30th is the cutoff for the year so don’t delay!

If you are an RO that is in need of range hours, Rick has some maintenance projects that need completed.  Give him a call or send an email to sign up before doing any project on the range that you would like credit for.

Summer is here and there have been some rattlesnake sightings.  Please be careful when moving around the low bushes on the berms, etc. and alert the parents of children playing in those areas of the danger.


All new or renewal memberships need to be entered through the range computer as we are trying to do away with the forms.  If you do not understand how to enter them on the computer then contact Chuck Veillon:

New Range Officers

Please have all prospective RO’s contact Jim Cummings before training them.  This is to make sure they have the documents they need as well as making sure they are qualified.

Junior Range Officer program

There are a couple range officers that have sons, daughters, and grandchildren that like to help out on the public range.   Their responsibilities would be non-safety related items and it is important that they follow your instruction when assisting.

We are providing a special hat for them and Rick should have them ready to go by the end of this week.  Please let me know if would like one for your Jr. Range Officer.

Range Officer Party

The date for the party is Wednesday July 16th.  We will start at 6:00 and have food and fun for everyone.

Range Officers and their families are welcome to attend, all I need is a head count to make sure there is enough food to go around.


Rick has decided that staplers will be replaced with thumb tacks and pins.  Hopefully this will be a better solution as staplers have been a headache for everyone.

Scout groups

Phil Capizzi needs more NRA certified RO’s for the Scout Groups that come to the range. Please contact him for more details:

Group shoots

The same safety rules and fees apply with group shoots that apply with the public range.  There is absolutely no handling of firearms during a cease fire and actions must be open, everyone must wear eye and ear protection, and muzzles need to be pointed downrange.  Everyone who comes to the range, whether they are shooting or not, needs to sign the Event Sign Up sheet.  There are sheets in the filing cabinet along with envelopes if you are collecting money.  At the end of the event, place the Event sheet along with the money in an envelope and place it in the safe.


Public range- Members shoot free.  Non-members- $10 per household or couple per day.

There are certain Davis County employees that shoot for free. This includes law enforcement and some court officials. If there is any question on this then we leave it up to the discretion of the on duty Range Officers to do what they think is best.

We typically do not offer discounts to military or law enforcement but once again this is left up to the Range Officer.

Match groups-$4 for members, $10 for non-members.

Church and Family/Private groups, etc. – Same as the public range.

Scouts- No charge.

Anyone under 18 shoots for free at WSA

Remember that all fees collected go back into the improvement of the range.

Club/Match groups

Once again, I am asking you to please leave the range better than you found it.  Do not leave targets or broken stands behind and be sure to empty the trash.  If you are using the plate racks or any other WSA targets, make sure they are in working condition when you leave.

It is an insurance requirement to have a working fire extinguisher and smoke detector in all buildings on the range, including the match sheds.  If you need any of these items or fresh batteries, then contact Rick.  We do not want to jeopardize our policy by not complying.

I also need the range officer hours from the Match Directors for the hours that were served at matches.  Those that have served 35 hours on the public range can get an additional 10 hours from serving at matches.

Thank you for your service,

Kirk Bennett