RO Newsletter April 2015

Locker cleanout-
If you are using a locker, please put your name on it with a piece of masking tape.  On June 30th, if there is not a name on the locker, we are going to cut the locks and clean them out.  RO’s that have worked the most hours in the 2014-2015 calendar year will have first choice of a locker.

RO Party-
The date for the Range Officer Party is July 22nd at 6:00.

I still have RO money from last year for range officers that worked more than 65 hours.  If you are one of these RO’s, please contact me.

Open Carry-
We are changing the RO handbook to make it legal for Range Officers to open carry their handgun on the public range.  If you are carrying, please use a holster that has positive retention.  We do not want any firearms hitting the ground while you are on duty.

The public is still under the same policy of no open carry.  If someone arrives with a handgun openly displayed on them, ask them to remove it, and place it on the table.  If this is during a cease fire, please wait until after the range is hot before asking them to do this.

Law Enforcement is an exception if they are displaying a badge.

Many of you don’t get to see the efforts that are put into keep the website running.  Chuck Veillon has put in a lot of extra effort, some of which has been contributed from his own pocket, to keep things running smoothly.


New RO recruits-
All recruits need to talk with Tom Woods, the TSO, before their training begins.  This is very important in keeping things flowing properly.

New Targets-
We placed some new targets on the hill above the pistol bays.  These targets are for the RO’s to have fun with just like the plate racks.  Standard rifle ammunition is acceptable.  Please do not shoot at them with penetrator, steel core, or armor piercing ammunition and keep muzzle velocity below 3300 FPS.


Targets outside the range-
Please do not place targets or shoot beyond the fence line. Part of our lease agreement with the county is that all targets will remain inside the fence.

Anyone caught damaging targets, the plate rack, or shooting outside the fence line will be asked to leave permanently.

Filling in the slots-
We just added the final shifts for the 2014-2015 year so if you do not have all of your hours in, you probably want to sign up soon.  Unless you are a new recruit this year, June 30th is the last day to get your hours in.  For those of you that have 45 or more hours, GREAT JOB! Please allow others to fill in these slots so that nobody gets left behind.  Let me know if you are not going to get your hours in this year as we may have some projects for you.

Signing in for any activity-
Sign in on the computer, not the book.  Guests need to sign in on a sign-in sheet.  This is very important as it limits our liability.

Thank you for your service,

Kirk Bennett