Bruce Illum – Training Safety Officer (TSO)

Hello, my name is Bruce Illum and I am Running for Training/Safety Officer. I would appreciate your vote!

I have been an RO at Wasatch for over 10 years. Many of you may have seen me on the public range or teaching NRA classes at the range. I retired last year from  33 years of Teaching Jr High Science in Davis County. I taught at Syracuse Jr High and Legacy Jr. High.  My degrees are in Physical science(BA) and a Masters in Chemistry teaching(MA)

I hope to continue the outstanding tradition of WSA Range Officers providing excellent service to the community by providing a safe and family friendly shooting experience. As well as a safe and quality experience for clubs, competition groups, and trainers who utilize the range. 

My Background:

I have been actively involved in the shooting sports for many years. I began teaching Utah Hunter Ed in 2002 and began teaching NRA courses in 2008.

 I became an NRA Training Counselor in 2012 and began teaching NRA instructor courses that year.  I have multiple certifications with the NRA. Rifle, pistol, Shotgun, Muzzle loading firearms, as well as the NRA Personal Protection and CCW courses. I am also certified through the USCCA for the concealed carry and home defense series of courses. 

I have been actively involved with the BSA as a merit badge counselor as well as a shooting sports director where I ran the shooting sports programs at scout camps for 5 years. I have also served as staff and section lead for the shooting sports section of the BSA National Camp School. 

I am currently the Shooting sports chair for the Crossroads of the west Scout council  where we oversee NRA instructor training and archery training for BSA camp staff and volunteers. We also oversee and organize shooting sports activities and events throughout the council to help volunteers promote year round shooting sports opportunities for youth. 

I also served  as a volunteer for the AYSO soccer league where I served as Regional commissioner for 5 years. We had over 1200 players and over 120 volunteer coaches to train and help carry out the program. 

Training Credentials

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Training Counselor- Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Muzzle-Loading Firearms, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home. NRA CCW

USCCA – Concealed Carry and Home Defense 

Utah Hunter Education instructor

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit instructor 

BSA Shooting Sports Director. 

BSA Shooting Sports Committee Chair. 

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