June 2015 RO Newsletter

Signing up for shifts-

I have been hearing some grumblings that the schedule is filling up faster than people can get shifts.  I wish I heard that at the end of summer last year when Patty and I had to run up on Saturdays and fill shifts that were vacant.  If you are having a hard time picking up a shift then let me know as I want to try and figure out a way to make this better for all.

Please try to sign up for one shift a month.  I understand that schedules, work, etc. get in the way sometimes so if you must skip a month, or sign up more than once, then I understand but be considerate of others who are trying to get on the schedule.

The scouts and other special groups could use Range Officers as well so feel free to contact Phil or myself to get on that list.  You must have your NRA credentials for some of these activities.

Hats on computer stand-

The hats that are on top of the computer stand are there waiting for their owner.  Please do not take or wear these hats unless they are for you.  If you forget your hat then wear the safety vest.


I have had a couple shooters tell me that they are seeing attitude issues with our Range Officers.  Please try to be as polite as possible as we would like to give the range and shooting sports a positive image.  If someone is being difficult then give them a warning, and if they don’t shape up, politely ask them to leave. Anything beyond that will require a discussion with the Davis County Sheriff.

Clay throwers-

We have purchased clay throwers for Range Officer use and are currently in the range house.  If you are not familiar with these type of throwers, please contact Rick Siegel, Tom Woods, or myself before using them.  Bay 1A has outlets for you to plug it in.  If there are any issues with the clay throwers then please contact Rick Siegel.  He asks that you would please not repair them on your own without contacting him first.

RO appreciation party-

This will be held on Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:00 PM.  I will be handing out the bonus money and we will be having some games for the kids so feel free to bring the family.  It would be very helpful if you could give me a head count on how many will be coming from your group.

Match groups-

Empty your trash-

This has become a big issue on most of the bays.  I realize that there are others, including law enforcement, that use these bays but the barrels need to be emptied.  We do not have a janitor or other maintenance crew to take care of this so please empty your trash at the end of a match.  We have placed three dumpsters on the range to be used as needed.

Target Stands-

All the WSA targets stands need to be off the bay before your match begins.  Stray bullets from those shooting the match will damage these stands.

RO Hours-

Please get me the names of your RO’s that have served at matches along with the hours.  I need these by June 30th.  Up to 10 hours of their service can go toward the total hours.

Special mentions-

David Dewitt and Harold Ness for the roof maintenance on Bay 2 and Kerwin Schons for spending the time to cleanup the mess that Bay 3 had become. Thanks guys.

Thank you for your service,

Kirk Bennett