Scouts at WSA

Wahsatch Shooters Association (WSA) is happy to host Boy Scout shooting activities all year round.  In order for the Scouts to shoot at the WSA Range, Scout Leaders have to be aware of the following polices and procedures.

The WSA runs a supervised range, meaning that no shooting can take place at any of our bays without the presence of a WSA certified Range Officer.  Range Officers are present at the Public Range, Bay #2 during our normal public hours.  This range has a capacity of 30 shooters.

A Boy Scout troop arriving without warning can easily overwhelm this busy range.  Therefore, Scout groups coming up to shoot without prior scheduling run a significant risk of being turned away.

The WSA will provide you with a shooting bay and a Range Officer, provided that you give us adequate notice.  This can be accomplished by going to our contact page.

NOTE:  WSA charges a one day membership fee of $10 per shooter, if the following criteria are NOT met:

*BSA requirements for Scouts to shoot under the Boy Scouts umbrella

  1. *File Tour Plan with BSA council they are registered with.
  2. *Have one NRA Cert Range Safety Officer and also have a NRA Cert Discipline Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, etc.).  A single individual CANNOT  fill both roles simultaneously.
  3. *Must Follow Guide to Safe Scouting Chapter VII Shooting Sports Section
  4. *Must Follow AGE-Appropriate guidelines for Scouting activities
  5. *Additional information in the BSA National Shooting  Sports Manual 2011
  6. *Permission slips signed by parents
  7. *Be in some type of scout uniform Class A or Class B

*Scouts from 11-16 years of age may only shoot .22 Cal single shot bolt action rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders. They cannot shoot semi –automatic rifles of any calibers.

Read this next part carefully!

*Venturing Crew which can be youth from 16-18 if LDS Church sponsored or youth from 14-21 if sponsored by a community entity can shoot all calibers of pistols, rifles, shotguns and muzzle-loader; with the  exception of fully automatic firearms which are prohibited for any scouting age youth to use.

*If Scout units choose not to follow the above guidelines, they can still shoot but it won’t be a Boy Scout sanctioned activity.

**Any Scout Group that fulfills these requirements can shoot at the WSA range free of charge, but if they don’t they will have to shoot on the public range and PAY the range fee to shoot.