Contact Us

Event Scheduling Points of Contact:

Scouting Events: Phil Capizzi (801-941-4705)

Training or Other Events: Kirk Bennett (435-287-4322)

WSA Executive Committee:

President: Kim Leavitt (801-589-7551)

Vice President: Rick Siegel (801-389-2786)

Executive Officer XO: Kirk Bennett (435-287-4322)

Training/Safety Officers: Tom Woods (801-391-0082)

Treasurer: Ted Bukowski

Secretary: Chuck Veillon (801-791-7194)

For Membership Questions Or Problems: Chuck Veillon (801-791-7194)

WSA Match Contacts:

USPSA 1st Saturday

Brian Gilmore 801.814.5294

IDPA 3rd Saturday

Brett Hart 801.300.3694
Nik Parker 801.510.6922
IDPA shoots on the 3rd Saturdays of the month from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information, please visit our FaceBook page, search Wasatch Defensive Shooters Association. Thank you!

22 Metallic Silhouette:
Dr. Warren Judd 801-771-1168

Wahsatch Desperadoes Cowboy Action:
Rick Bangerter 801.201.0700
John Page 801.292.3868

DHSS Cowboy Action:
Troy Winchester (801) 940-3251

WPPC– Wasatch Pins and Plates Club
Bowling Pin and Plates on Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday

Chad Hampton 801.814.1398
Nik Parker 801.510.6922
Jay Sanderson 801.529.6443