Author: Kirk Bennett

WSA Executive Officer
June 2015 RO Newsletter

Signing up for shifts- I have been hearing some grumblings that the schedule is filling up faster than people can get shifts.  I wish I heard that at the end of summer last year when Patty and I had to run up on Saturdays and fill shifts that were vacant.  If you are having a […]

RO Newsletter April 2015

Locker cleanout- If you are using a locker, please put your name on it with a piece of masking tape.  On June 30th, if there is not a name on the locker, we are going to cut the locks and clean them out.  RO’s that have worked the most hours in the 2014-2015 calendar year […]

RO Newsletter June 2014

Public Range Up until this month you did a solid job of keeping the slots filled.  I am regularly seeing the emails going out requesting people to fill the voids and I know we have quite a few that need to get hours in.  June 30th is the cutoff for the year so don’t delay! […]

RO Newsletter May 2014

  Public range Great job in keeping the public range open.  We have not had to send one email requesting a range officer to fill a spot in a long while.  That being said, we could use another RO this Saturday, May 17th on the public range and there is a church group that could […]